3 Reasons To Implement A Finger Foods Menu In Your Senior Living Center

1 October 2018
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Mealtimes can be stressful for many senior citizens. Quality senior living centers should always be striving to find ways to alleviate stress and make mealtimes more enjoyable for their residents. If you are looking for a creative and delicious alternative to traditional meals within your senior living center, consider the benefits that a finger foods menu can provide. 1. Increased Comfort Many elderly individuals find it difficult to complete tasks that require a high level of dexterity. Read More 

How To Celebrate An Employee

18 March 2018
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The days when an employee would take a job with a company right after graduating from college and retire from that same company 40 years later are gone. People switch jobs regularly according to their family's needs or their career goals. But just because there's no longer a gold watch and a cake waiting at the end of a long career doesn't mean employees shouldn't be celebrated for other reasons. Employee celebrations recognize an employee for a job well done -- like a promotion or landing a major client -- or for a significant life event -- like a wedding or a baby -- and help solidify a feeling of camaraderie among a team of workers. Read More