Simple Ways To Make Your Sandwich Order Healthier

6 February 2023
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

As your lunch break at work approaches, it can be exciting to begin thinking about visiting a sandwich restaurant a few blocks from your office. During each visit, you have the option of choosing a sandwich that you've enjoyed countless times in the past or browsing the menu to find something different. One thing that you should also be thinking about is making some healthy choices when you order. Most sandwich restaurants have multiple healthy options on the menu, which can be ideal for those who are careful with their calorie intake.

Here are some simple ways to make your sandwich order healthier. 

Lean Meat

Meat is arguably the most exciting part of a sandwich, and virtually all sandwich restaurants have a long list of meat options available. A good way to make your sandwich order healthier is to choose a lean type of meat. For example, poultry choices such as chicken and turkey tend to be leaner than beef and pork cuts. Even among certain types of meat, it's possible to make healthy choices. If you favor chicken on your sandwich, choosing light meat instead of dark meat is leaner. It's also worth considering how the restaurant prepares the sandwich meat. Grilled chicken, for example, is a leaner choice than breaded and fried chicken.

Multigrain Bread

At most sandwich shops, you'll have a number of different bread options. While white bread can often be tempting, given its satisfying taste and texture, it can be healthier to occasionally choose multigrain bread. These breads vary considerably in their nutritional value, but they're a good source of whole grains — which are loaded with fiber and offer a long list of vitamins and minerals. Fiber offers numerous health benefits, including making you feel full. This means that you might not feel tempted to have an afternoon snack after your sandwich.


It's also worthwhile to take a moment to browse the sandwich shop's menu to look for a sandwich that contains a large assortment of vegetables. While lots of sandwiches contain lettuce, you can also find options that have spinach, sprouts, peppers, onions, and more. Vegetables offer a diverse array of vitamins and minerals that are good for your body in numerous ways. Many of them are also loaded with fiber to help you feel full. Make these choices when you order your sandwich, even just occasionally, to give yourself a healthier lunch option.

To learn more about ordering sandwiches, reach out to a local sandwich shop.