How To Celebrate An Employee

18 March 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

The days when an employee would take a job with a company right after graduating from college and retire from that same company 40 years later are gone. People switch jobs regularly according to their family's needs or their career goals. But just because there's no longer a gold watch and a cake waiting at the end of a long career doesn't mean employees shouldn't be celebrated for other reasons. Employee celebrations recognize an employee for a job well done -- like a promotion or landing a major client -- or for a significant life event -- like a wedding or a baby -- and help solidify a feeling of camaraderie among a team of workers. Read on for some ways to celebrate an employee who deserves it. 

Celebratory Meal

Providing food is always a fun way to celebrate someone at the office. A small team could go out to lunch together or for a fancy dinner after work; however, this option could be difficult if there are a lot of people to include in the celebration. Consider organizing a pot luck with office members with a beautiful cake from the local bakery. If allergies are a concern, or if no one in the office knows their way around a kitchen, catering companies, like The Hidden Table, would be thrilled to help with an office celebration. Catering companies can serve any number of people and also can accommodate any type of dietary restriction.

Company Outing

If there's something particularly big to celebrate, consider shutting down the office for an afternoon for a company outing. Take the team on a wine tasting tour. Consider going to a rock climbing gym. On a warm day, the local zoo or amusement park would be a fun place to spend the afternoon. You know your team best, so when considering options, think about what the celebrant and the majority of celebrators would enjoy, and take them out for a day that makes one person feel special and brings the entire team closer together. 

A Gift

There's nothing wrong with the traditional cake in the break room accompanied by a gift from the company or from all the team members. A gift card to a favorite store or restaurant is a nice present, as is something from a wedding or baby registry if your team is celebrating someone's life event. If you're asking all team members to pitch in, keep in mind that everyone's financial situation is different and keep the donation reasonable.