Ventless Commercial Kitchen Equipment: The Benefits

10 May 2021
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Your new restaurant venture is an exciting undertaking, but the planning stages may have you feeling overwhelmed. Before you choose your kitchen equipment, it's important that you not only understand your options but also understand why some options may be legitimately better than others. For example, one of the things that you need to think about is the benefits of choosing ventless equipment for your commercial kitchen. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to know.

Cost Savings

One of the things that many restaurant owners don't realize is that ventless equipment can actually bring significant cost savings. In fact, you'll see cost savings on a couple of different fronts when you choose ventless kitchen equipment.

First, your installation costs will be significantly lower than they would be with equipment that requires vent hood installation. Because of the complexities of the ventilation system, installing vent hoods over commercial cooking equipment can be costly. When you choose ventless cooking equipment, you'll eliminate the cost associated with installing that vent hood and ventilation system.

Additionally, those ventilation systems rely on some pretty powerful blower motors. These blower motors demand quite a bit of energy to run, and they will run almost non-stop when your kitchen is in service. That leads to some substantial energy bills. Choosing ventless equipment means you won't have that additional energy demand, reducing your ongoing energy costs.


Another benefit of ventless commercial kitchen equipment is the fact that you'll have far more options for your kitchen's layout. When you choose equipment that requires vent hood installation, you'll be limited as to where you can install those pieces of equipment because you'll need to place them in areas where the vent hoods can easily be installed as well. 

Ventless cooking equipment doesn't have the same limitation. That means that you can place that equipment wherever you determine is the best for your kitchen's workflow. Even better, without the restriction of the vent hood locations, you can even move your equipment around later if you determine that the current layout isn't optimal for your production plans.

These are two of the biggest reasons why many new restaurant owners are opting for ventless cooking equipment instead of the traditional options. Now that you can understand the benefits, talk with your commercial restaurant equipment supplier about the ventless cooking options that are available for your business to find the equipment that best suits your needs.