5 Ideas For A Memorable 24 Hour Wedding

1 October 2015
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A wedding is one of the magical days of your life, so why would you want to limit the festivities to just a few hours. Instead of going through the traditional reception that ends too early, you and your spouse can consider holding a 24 hour wedding. The unorthodox wedding can move from the wedding chapel for the ceremony to wedding venues for the rest of the celebration. As you plan a 24 hour wedding, there are five different ways you can keep guests entertained and celebration going through the whole night.

Camp Out Plans

Whether it's at the reception hall, a large field, or with everyone packed into your house, you need to have a large space for overnight guests. As you try to stay awake most of the time, simple items like sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows should do the trick. A collection of air mattresses will help add extra comfort for guests, along with the bride and groom.

Even if guests plan to stay up the whole night, these small napping areas can help out everyone that is involved.

Dressing Down

Once the traditional ceremony is over, it's a good idea to dress down and stay comfortable for the remainder of the night. Much like the way bridesmaids match dresses, a 24 hour wedding is a great time to wear matching pajamas. Whether it's funny flannel outfits, matching lacy pajamas, or pajamas styled after nostalgic designs, you can bring a whole new element into the wedding.

For the groom and groomsmen, there are a number of dress down themes you can use. This includes matching slippers, lounge pants, or custom-made t-shirts that reflect the wedding celebration. On the invitation, you can invite other wedding guests to bring their own pajamas or comfortable clothes.


Keep the dance floor rocking all night long by holding a wedding dance-a-thon. The basic premise of a dance-a-thon is to see who can dance the longest. By holding a 24 hour wedding, you have plenty of time to hold a dance contest. Mix up the tempos of songs and see who can groove on the dance floor the longest.

Once a winner is declared, you can offer the person a special prize like an music gift certificate or a novelty trophy. To keep everyone entertained throughout the dance-a-thon, you can add in some group dances like the Cupid shuffle and electric slide.

Romantic Movie Screenings

As the hours wane on, guests will likely want to relax and regain some energy. To keep the romantic wedding theme alive, you can showcase a few romantic movie screenings. Pick out your favorite romantic movies, or select from some of the top wedding films of all-time.

Once the movies are selected, you have the ability to display them on a portable projector. A professional projector rental can help you set up a temporary movie screen to view and watch the films. Along with some professional speakers, you can have a great film viewing experience that all of the guests can enjoy at the same time. Working with catering and food services to deliver some great movie snacks like popcorn, nachos, and candy.

Food Catering & Delivery

Instead of just having one big meal to spread throughout the night, you can mix up food and drink options every couple of hours. This includes catering delivery, pizza delivery, or even a fresh breakfast delivery in the morning. The fresh food can add new energy to the party and keep guests satisfied as they enjoy a variety of meals.

Each meal doesn't have to be a big feast. Just enough food for guests to enjoy during the extended ceremony. To help plan out the meals, you can offer a variety of options on the invitation. For example, for breakfast options you can have guests request donuts, a cereal bar, or breakfast burritos.

As you're planning the 24 hour ceremony, it's a good idea to talk with the venue you're using. You can figure out how long you're allowed to stay. This will help you plan the different venues and locations needed for the 24 hours.

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