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Three Questions To Ask During Your Interviews With Prospective Wedding Caterers

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During the interviews with various caterers, it can be easy to forget to ask all of the questions you need to determine which caterer will be best for your wedding reception. To help ensure you cover all your bases, here are some questions that you might forget during the catering interviews.   Will the Caterer Set the Tables? It might seem that the caterer should be automatically responsible for setting the tables. Caterers who provide the dishware, flatware, and glassware usually set the tables, but this is not always a given. If the caterer is not setting the table, you need to know so that you can take steps to ensure that it is done.   If the caterer is setting the table, find out if there is an additional charge for doing so. You also need to know if the caterer is charging you for renting the dishware and other items necessary. Any additional fees need to be detailed in the estimates provided by the caterers.   Are the Ingredients Locally Sourced? One of the factors that might play a role in the catering expenses is the source of the ingredients. Some caterers rely on local farmers and food sources to ensure that they are getting higher quality ingredients. As a result, it can take more time and effort to obtain the ingredients. To offset the time spent acquiring locally sourced ingredients, the caterer might charge an additional fee.   If that is the case, you need to find out how much more it will add to your bill. If you want to save money, ask the caterer for other options, including buying imported frozen food.   Will the Food Be Cooked at the Venue? Some caterers choose to prepare the food on the menu at an off-site location and then transport it using warming boxes. Depending on the type of food you are planning for your wedding, this could be problematic. The taste of the food could be impacted.   If you want the food prepared on-site, the caterer could possibly charge for this added service. If so, you need to know how much. You can also talk to the caterer about preparing only certain foods off-site and cooking the remaining on-site to save time and effort.   If you are working with a wedding planner, he or she will undoubtedly help guide you through hiring a caterer. Even if you are not, remember to take your time and carefully consider your options when discussing your wedding dinner plans with the...

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Perfect Wine Pairings For Your Party Or Function

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If you are planning a party, plan on serving some wine. The key to serving wine is to know what to serve with it, as well as what doesn’t pair well with particular-types of wine. Visit wine shops and specialty grocers to find delicious wines for your upcoming event. Some wines that pair well for a party include: A crisp white. Crisp white wines, like Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, work well with rich foods as the acidity cuts the fatty flavors. Serve your favorite white wines with paté, dips, and fried foods–all which go over well at a party! For example, serve cheese fondue with veggie dippers and a chilled glass of a white Riesling. A tangy rosé. Rosé is a festive wine for toasting at parties. Serve with delicate foods, like finger sandwiches and seafood, when you don’t want to overpower the flavor of the wine with nosh. A great pairing is a cold glass of rosé with seafood dip, served with toast points or crackers. A full-bodied Burgundy. Planning on firing up the grill for your party? Serve room-temperature red wines, like a full-bodied Burgundy or Pinot Noir with your favorite grilled meats. Red wines hold up to bold flavors; serve beef kabobs or grilled steak with red wine for a great, satisfying meal that guests will love. A mellow Merlot. Italian foods, like spicy sauces and pasta, are complemented by the flavors of red wines, particularly Chianti or Merlot. Plus, Italian-inspired dishes are great for a party because they can be served family-style at room temperature. For example, serve crusty bread with tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella with glasses of an inexpensive Merlot. Something sparkling. Sparkling wines, like Prosecco and Champagne, are great for celebrating and toasting at a party. These are an excellent choice for rich, sweet foods and they lighten the palate during a heavy course. If you are planning a dessert party, consider pairing cheesecakes, pastries, and chocolate with a chilled glass of sparkling wine for the perfect taste combination. A sweet port. Port wine is sweet and a bit heavy, so it is frequently served during a dessert course. Don’t overdo it on the sweet by serving with a rich, decadent dessert, though; instead, serve with fruit, cheeses, or light pastries for a delightful party refreshment. Try these pairings at your next party or celebration. Use these tips as a guide when visiting a wine or specialty store to find the perfect beverages for your...

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Four Movie Inspired Mexican Meals That You Can Order

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When watching a movie, there is nothing better than a mouth-watering scene that makes you feel inspired to go out and eat. Mexican food features so many great choices, pops of color, and delicious flavors that it’s no wonder it has been featured in numerous films. The following four films feature a lot of signature Mexican dishes that you can order at a restaurant. Each meal is a great way to celebrate the movie and enjoy authentic Mexican food. After watching the movies, it is exciting to see the meals come to life and get served on a plate in front of you. Tortilla Soup Not only is Mexican food predominantly featured in this 2001 film, but it is the actual title of the movie. Tortilla Soup is not only a great family comedy, but the meal itself is a great starter option for your restaurant dining experience. The soup features rice, zucchini and avocados, and is topped with fresh tortilla strips. Some extra protein can be added to your meal by including shredded chicken in the soup. Along with ordering the soup as an appetizer, you can get a whole bowl and make it your main course. Sriracha Mexican food is known for a variety of spices and large kicks of flavor. Feel inspired to order spicy options off the menu after watching the 2013 documentary Sriracha. The hot sauce is used all over the world and often fused into a number of Mexican dishes. Along with adding sriracha to tacos or enchiladas, you can order a large nacho platter that features the sauce drizzling all over it. As the sriracha sauce provides the spice on the nachos, you can infuse a variety of other flavors into the dish with ingredients like pulled chicken, cheese, black olives, freshly diced onions, and guacamole. If you’re looking for even more spice, consider adding some fresh jalapeno pepper slices onto the platter. The peppers pair well with the sriracha sauce to create bold flavors. Just remember to order some extra water with the meal. The LEGO Movie It may seem strange, but the 2014 animated children’s film The LEGO Movie can leave you craving Mexican food before the final credits even roll. A big portion of the film features the concept of Taco Tuesdays, and you can enjoy great visuals of a taco in LEGO form. The movie showcases LEGO tacos as a hard shell variety, featuring seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese, and tomato. This is a basic taco and can be ordered at a Mexican restaurant as a delicious platter. A platter of tacos can give you five to ten of the delicious signature meal. Customize your tacos with different options like a variety of fresh salsas, guacamole, or additional fillings like corn and green chiles. Aside form beef, you can replace the main meat of the taco with chicken, fish, or beans. Like Water for Chocolate The 1992 romance film uses a number of Mexican recipes to symbolize love and romance between characters. It’s hard to resist the amazing food featured in the film and you can enjoy the same types of delicacies when dining at a Mexican restaurant. One of the desserts featured a lot in the movie is a traditional Mexican flan. When ordering flan, you can...

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Is A Single-Cup Coffee Maker Right For You?

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Single-cup coffee makers have become a hit in many kitchens. But how do you know if it’s right for you? Whether you’re looking to buy your first brewer ever or you’re thinking of replacing your current one, here are six types of people the one-cup coffee maker is perfect for. Those With Hectic Lifestyles How busy is your life? Do you roll out of bed just in the nick of time to shower, get dressed, and grab a pastry as you’re stumbling out the door? If so, you’re the perfect candidate for a one-cup coffee maker. With a traditional brewer, it’s going to take a few minutes to put in the filter, scoop the coffee, fill it with water, and wait for the machine to brew. And face it—sometimes those few extra minutes are needed to get to work on time and avoid yet another scolding from the boss. Single-cup coffee makers are already filled with more than enough water ahead of time—enough so that you can make multiple cups. When you’re ready to brew, simply press a button, drop in a k-cup, and in less than a minute, you’ve got a fresh cup of coffee. This is much faster than traditional coffee pots. Instant Coffee Drinkers Maybe you’ve never bothered with investing in a coffee maker because you only drink one cup here and there, and a traditional 12-cup brewer seemed to be a waste. So instead, you’ve settled on instant coffee when you’re in the mood. But have you bothered to research where instant coffee comes from? It’s not the same as ground coffee beans. More like crystals, instant coffee is nothing more than the residue that’s left behind after the stuff is brewed. Then it’s either freeze or spray dried before being packaged in bulk quantity, so by the time you drink it, it’s not all that fresh. You see, coffee offers its peak flavor when consumed within 2 weeks of being roasted, but that instant coffee could be years old. Single k-cups, while capable of being brewed “instantly,” are far from the instant variety you get in the stores. The cups are filled with real coffee, individually packaged with an air-tight seal, which keeps the contents fresh until you brew them. Now you don’t have to throw away that jar of instant coffee out of spite. It’s actually highly concentrated, which makes it wonderful for adding to recipes that call for a coffee flavor. But when it comes to drinking a single serving of the stuff, you’re much better off with a machine that brews a single k-cup. People Who Shop Online Do you do a lot of online shopping? If so, you’ll be glad to know that k-cups can be purchased from online retailers. In fact, you generally have a broader selection to choose from when it comes to purchasing your coffee online. Many grocery stores and convenience stores do carry some k-cups for those in a pinch. But the savvy online shopper can find a ton of places that offer coupons and discounts as well. Those Who Want Easy Cleanup Most people would jump at the chance to have fewer dishes piled up in the sink. And with a single-cup brewer, you can have just that. With no carafe or coffee-filter cradle to clean,...

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Three Types Of (Essential) Restaurant Equipment For A Sandwich Shop

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If you’re contemplating opening a deli or sandwich shop, you’ve probably given some thought to the types of restaurant equipment you’ll need. While there are several machines available to help you run an efficient business, you might want to focus on three essential categories. These groupings include basic cooking equipment, food preparation equipment and warming (holding) equipment. To help you choose wisely, take a closer look at some of the offerings you may find at a restaurant supply company, such as Louis Wohl & Sons Inc: 1. Basic Countertop Cooking Appliances Running a small sandwich shop, sub shop or deli style restaurant takes precision equipment to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Some of the basics you will need for cooking your menu items include: Commercial-Grade Sandwich Grill or Panini Press: To prepare panini style sandwiches or grilled sandwiches, look for a model with both upper and lower grill plates. The plates should be removable for easy cleaning in your commercial dishwasher. Another feature to look for in a panini grill is a thermostat control for easy adjustment. This comes in handy when cooking various types of sandwiches that require different temperature settings, such as burgers versus grilled cheese sandwiches. Additionally, check the hinges on the grill. Floating hinges allow you to close the grill at the height of your choice. This is convenient if you’re cooking a multi-tiered sandwich that is of a taller height than standard. Conversely, it allows you to adjust the height for a single layer (short) sandwich. Commercial Microwave: If you offer pre-cooked breakfast sandwiches or bacon for your club sandwiches, you will find a commercial microwave oven to be an essential part of your restaurant supplies. Depending upon your volume of your customers, you may choose from the compact, mid-size or full-sized microwave. Typically, models can range anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred dollars, depending on the features. What should you consider when shopping for a commercial grade microwave? A high wattage microwave will cook foods fast and a turntable will help heat foods evenly, with minimal risk of “hot spots.” An automatic defrost feature is another important for cooking frozen foods quickly. Heavy-Duty 4-Slice Toaster: This is a must for any restaurant, particularly a deli or sandwich shop. A pop-up toaster of brushed chrome should serve you well. As for features, look for LED indicators with a browning control knob for setting desired level of toasting. In addition, extra wide slots are essential for toasting bagels and thick slices of bread. Last but not least, because quick clean-up is equally important, you’ll want a toaster with an easy slide-out crumb tray. 2. Food Preparation Equipment Your sandwich shop will make good use of the following: Meat Slicer: This machine is used in just about every deli style restaurant. It’s going to slice your cold cuts and tomatoes efficiently, in the thickness level you desire. Choose a slicer to accommodate your usage, such as entry level for a few hours of slicing per day, or heavy-duty (deluxe) that can handle several hours of slicing per day. Commercial Food Processor: Here are a features to look for: For quick and efficient chopping of sandwich veggies,choose a unit with several processing discs to grate, slice and chop. Removable attachments are also a...

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5 Ideas For A Memorable 24 Hour Wedding

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A wedding is one of the magical days of your life, so why would you want to limit the festivities to just a few hours. Instead of going through the traditional reception that ends too early, you and your spouse can consider holding a 24 hour wedding. The unorthodox wedding can move from the wedding chapel for the ceremony to wedding venues for the rest of the celebration. As you plan a 24 hour wedding, there are five different ways you can keep guests entertained and celebration going through the whole night. Camp Out Plans Whether it’s at the reception hall, a large field, or with everyone packed into your house, you need to have a large space for overnight guests. As you try to stay awake most of the time, simple items like sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows should do the trick. A collection of air mattresses will help add extra comfort for guests, along with the bride and groom. Even if guests plan to stay up the whole night, these small napping areas can help out everyone that is involved. Dressing Down Once the traditional ceremony is over, it’s a good idea to dress down and stay comfortable for the remainder of the night. Much like the way bridesmaids match dresses, a 24 hour wedding is a great time to wear matching pajamas. Whether it’s funny flannel outfits, matching lacy pajamas, or pajamas styled after nostalgic designs, you can bring a whole new element into the wedding. For the groom and groomsmen, there are a number of dress down themes you can use. This includes matching slippers, lounge pants, or custom-made t-shirts that reflect the wedding celebration. On the invitation, you can invite other wedding guests to bring their own pajamas or comfortable clothes. Dance-A-Thon Keep the dance floor rocking all night long by holding a wedding dance-a-thon. The basic premise of a dance-a-thon is to see who can dance the longest. By holding a 24 hour wedding, you have plenty of time to hold a dance contest. Mix up the tempos of songs and see who can groove on the dance floor the longest. Once a winner is declared, you can offer the person a special prize like an music gift certificate or a novelty trophy. To keep everyone entertained throughout the dance-a-thon, you can add in some group dances like the Cupid shuffle and electric slide. Romantic Movie Screenings As the hours wane on, guests will likely want to relax and regain some energy. To keep the romantic wedding theme alive, you can showcase a few romantic movie screenings. Pick out your favorite romantic movies, or select from some of the top wedding films of all-time. Once the movies are selected, you have the ability to display them on a portable projector. A professional projector rental can help you set up a temporary movie screen to view and watch the films. Along with some professional speakers, you can have a great film viewing experience that all of the guests can enjoy at the same time. Working with catering and food services to deliver some great movie snacks like popcorn, nachos, and candy. Food Catering & Delivery Instead of just having one big meal to spread throughout the night, you can mix up food and drink...

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How To Order Pizza On The Blood Type Diet

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If you follow the blood type diet, you believe that your blood type is a clue to your ancient heritage, and in order to live your best life, you must eat a diet that coincides with that which your ancestors ate long ago. As a modern-day American, though, you likely have one burning question; can you eat pizza? As a matter of fact you can. Read on to learn what type of pizza to order when you’re following a blood type diet. Type A According to Naturopathic physician Dr. Peter D’Adamo, people whose veins pump type A blood are the ancestors of Asian and Middle Eastern farmers. These farmers-of-past ate a diet that included plenty of fish, occasional poultry, fresh green vegetables, rice, and rye flower. These farmers neither grew nor ate tomatoes, didn’t have cows (no beef or dairy), and when they did have fruit, it was usually a pineapple. If you’re following a blood type diet and you have type A blood, stick with a veggie crust. Many pizza restaurants have menu items to accommodate special diets, such as cauliflower, zucchini, or Portobello mushroom crusts. If the pizzeria you order from doesn’t have any vegetarian crust options, shoot for a whole-grain, thin crust. Ask the pizza parlor to hold the sauce, and instead top your pizza dough with a mixture of olive oil and garlic. If you’re following your diet strictly, you’ll want to ask for a non-dairy cheese or nix the cheese altogether. If you’re using the diet for general eating guidelines and allow yourself to deviate the rules slightly, opt for a hard, aged cheese; aged cheeses have less lactose than soft, non-aged cheeses. Now for the toppings. You’ll want to avoid the processed meats like pepperoni and ham. Instead, shoot for anchovies, spinach, or kale. All of these are great sources of calcium and make up for the lack of cheese on your pie. A small amount of chicken is also permissible, as are artichokes and broccoli. Type B Those with type B blood that follow a blood type diet are thought to be descendants of ancient nomads. These were the wanderers of the world who ate what they came across when opportunity struck. Their diets were greatly varied, which is good news for pizza lovers. It’s still best to go with a non-flour crust, but if that’s not an option, don’t worry. As a decedent of people who had to eat whatever they could find, your body will be much more forgiving than a type A person’s would if you have to order a regular white flour crust. You’ll still want to avoid tomato-based sauces if you have type B blood, so order your crust glazed with olive oil and garlic. Type B blood carriers do handle a small amount of dairy just fine, though, so go ahead and order light mozzarella, or an aged cheddar and mozzarella blend. As for toppings, ask for plenty of leafy greens and avoid any meat that you wouldn’t stumble across if you were trekking through the wilderness. A very small amount of poultry is okay, but if you can find a pizzeria that offers game meat toppings such as venison or rabbit, that’s even better. Type O Blood type dieters believe that type O blood was the...

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How To Make Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Christmas Gifts

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As Christmas approaches, you might be looking for a way to create handmade gifts that will have your family talking until the next holiday season. One of the best ways to do just that is by making homemade gourmet chocolates such as chocolate truffles. Many people shy away from the idea of making homemade truffles because they are certain that something so indulgent must be exceptionally difficult to make. The truth is, truffles are much easier than you’d think, though they do take a bit of time. Set aside an afternoon and dive in to give your loved ones gift boxes they will never forget this year. Chocolate Truffle Ingredients To make homemade truffles, you’ll want to gather everything you need before you start. That way, you don’t risk overcooking anything while you look for the next ingredient. 3/4 lb (12 ounces) of bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped 3 1/2 tablespoons of butter 1/2 cup of heavy cream 1 tablespoon of light corn syrup Chocolate Truffle Instructions Prepare the Chocolate – Put the chopped chocolate into a medium glass bowl and add the butter. Microwave the bowl for a brief spurt, such as 30 seconds, then stir the mixture. Heat it for an additional 30 seconds and stir it again. The chocolate and butter should soften or start to melt. Set the bowl aside while you heat the cream.     Heat the Cream – Pour the heavy cream into a small sauce pan, and add the corn syrup. Heat it over medium heat until it starts to simmer, which means small bubbles appear consistently across the top, but it isn’t actually boiling. Don’t boil the cream because you might scorch it.     Make the Ganache – Drizzle the cream over the chocolate and butter in the glass bowl. Leave it alone for two to three minutes to let the heat from the cream melt the chocolate. After a few minutes, stir the mixture with a rubber spatula. You’ll want to be gentle so you don’t splash the cream. Start in the middle of the bowl, stirring in small circles. Gradually work your way out in the same circles until the chocolate is completely melted and the mixture is creamy and smooth. Pour the chocolate ganache mixture into an 8-inch square glass baking dish. Refrigerate it for an hour or two to let the chocolate set up and become dense enough to scoop.     Form the Truffles – Once the ganache is set up, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Use a small cookie scoop or other round ball tool, like a melon baller, to scoop out balls of chocolate onto the sheet. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfectly round yet – you just want the basic scoops. Once you’ve finished scooping, put the tray in the refrigerator for about an hour or so to let the chocolate set up more. After the second refrigeration, you’ll probably want to wear a pair of latex gloves. Forming the balls can get kind of messy, because the ganache will melt over your hands a little bit. Remove the truffle tray from the refrigerator, then roll each scooped truffle between the palms of your hands to make it round.     Coat the Truffles – Put your favorite truffle coatings...

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